We have taken all possible precautions with our cleaning to prevent  Covid-19 infection.  We have carried out extensive risk assessment and you may contact us to find out the measures we are taking.

Please call or email us to make a provisional booking which we will hold for 7 days.

Home: 0117 9744913 | Mobile: 07767 883926

Additionally you can contact us on Facebook.

On confirmation that the cottage is available, we will send you our booking form and terms and conditions.

Fill out the booking form we will send you and return it with your deposit cheque or BACS transfer. This should be sent to reach us within 7 days. The balance of your holiday must be received 6 weeks before your holiday starts.

Laykin Tariff 2020  
Period3/4 nights7 days
17th October to 31st Octobern/a1255
31st October to 23rd December595755
23rd December to 30th Decembern/a1550
30th December to 6th Jan12401550
Laykin Tariff 2021
2nd Jan to 13th Feb625825
13th Feb to 20th Febn/a995
20th Feb to 27th Mar625825
27th March to 10th Apriln/a1275
10th April to 1st May n/a980
1st May to 8th Mayn/a1095
8th May to 29th Mayn/a1045
29th May to 5th Junen/a1300
5th June to 17th Julyn/a1195
17th July to 28th Augustn/a1495
28th Augto 4th Septn/a1295
4th Sept to 16th Octn/a1100
16th Oct to 30th Octn/a1295
30th Oct to 22nd Dec625825
22nd Dec to 29th Decn/a1590
29th Dec to 4th Jan 202212401590
Nell Tom Tariff 2020  
Period3/4 nights7 days
5th September to 17th Octobern/a1250
17th October to 31st Octobern/a1350
31st October to 23rd December795995
23rd December to 30th December n/a1900
30th December to 6th Jan15201900
Nell Tom Tariff 2021
2nd Jan to 13th Feb8451095
13th Feb to 20th Febn/a1350
20th Feb to 27th March8451095
27th March to 10th Apriln/a1495
10th April to 1st Mayn/a1295
1st May to 8th Mayn/a1395
8th May to 29th Mayn/a1350
29th May to 5th June n/a1595
5th June to 17th Julyn/a1495
17th July to 28th Augustn/a1750
28th Aug to 4th Sept n/a1595
4th Sept to 16th Octn/a1350
16th Oct to 30th Octn/a1595
30th Oct to 22nd Dec8451095
22nd Dec to 29th Decn/a1900
29th Dec to 4th Jan 202115501900